No Contracts

That’s right, at Talkdillo we retain customers through a quality product and service, not hard to break contracts. We are always month to month, so feel free to try us out and, if you so choose, you can leave us at any time. No risk to you or your business, no long term commitments.

We use standard technology allowing you to use your existing SIP phones, use free soft phones, or buy any SIP phones that you like. No need to buy from us, in fact we don't even sell phones! But we are happy to share our experiences and help you choose phones that will work well for you.


Bring Your Own Lines

We know that bundling the phone service with your PBX creates big risk to your business, lowers your critical flexibility, and raises costs dramatically. At Talkadillo, we want to provide a solution that is right for you, not for us. So we work with numerous telephony carriers so that you can select the right one, or ones, to meet your needs. But don’t worry, we’re here to help walk you through the process, every step of the way.


No IT Needed

With Talkadillo, we go beyond normal phone services and work to ensure that at every step you have the support you need and a simplified process. While other providers might require you to learn their software and set it up yourself, we’ll sit down with you, collect your needs, and we’ll make all of your setup and changes on your behalf. You never have to learn how to manage our system, all of that support is completely included. No surprises, no bills, no technical gotchas, just a simple solution that works.


Your Own Phone System, Not Shared

Most cloud-based phone systems are shared, meaning many customers use a single system. At Talkadillo, our customers each get their own, completely dedicated and private phone system shared to no one else. All your own capacity, features, configuration, storage, and security.