Want to know more about talkadillo? We’ve got the answers for all your questions.

A.This depends, but generally the answer is "yes." Talkadillo does not sell phones ourselves or require specific makes or models. We only require that you have a standard SIP phone that supports the Opus Codec. Essentially all modern phones will meet these requirements. If you plan to buy new phones, we strongly recommend Yealink models.

A.There sure is! You can use an app on your phone or on your computer (or both) to make and answer calls just as if you were in the office. Just like how we can use any standard desk phone with Talkadillo, you can use any standard app. We commonly see customers using Vital Communicator, Grandstream Wave, LinPhone, Zoiper, and many others. Talkadillo can also be integrated into any standards supporting application!

A.Yes, whether your company has multiple offices, work from home workers, road warriors, or just users who want to still get calls while out and about on their mobile devices: Talkadillo extends your phone system wherever you need it to go. Remote workers on another continent with business phones sitting on their desks at home to office workers sitting at the bar on a Thursday night can be equally connected and capable just as if they were at their desks in the office.

A.Absolutely. As many as you would like. Whether internal rooms just for talking to your team, or public rooms that your external calls, customers, vendors and so forth can call into - powerful, flexible conference bridges for any need.

A.Talkadillo's white glove service means we are here to support your phone system however we can. Many phone systems require that you become the phone expert understanding call flows, phone programming, queues, ring groups, IVRs, and other advanced concepts in order to operate your phone system. With Talkadillo we handle all of those things for you, as well as "adds, moves, changes", network troubleshooting, call flow training, and more. You don't even need to log into your phone system at all, we are here to take care of every aspect of your system for you.

A.We sure do. We have them all. And time conditions, holidays, and more. All the complex call flows that you expect from an enterprise phone system. Call management that makes your business powerful and flexible.