why choose talkadillo?

1 Private Hosted PBX

Your business' own, private telephone system dedicated just for you. Your capacity, your features. Not a system shared with other customers.

2 Cost Effective

Rethink how much unified communications should cost. Our approach to telephony design not only makes us more secure and flexible, but also allows us to bring better value to your business.

3 White Glove Service

Complete end to end support. No need to learn how to manage phones or to provide your own IT team to figure out networking or desktop phones. We are here to help you with every aspect of managing and using your telephony solution. From big complex changes, consulting in understanding call flows, or just changing a message or hours of operation, we're here to handle it all for you.

4 Features

All the features you need, and many more. Complex call routing, mobile and home users, integration with third party applications, desk phones, soft phones, forward to cell, security, video, HD audio, and more. Just ask your representative about features you seek!

5 No Contracts

We believe in our solution and believe that you'll be blown away by our service, support, features, and price. So much that we don't require any contacts. Month to month service because we stand behind our product.

6 Bring Your Own Phones

We are not here to sell you equipment, use your existing SIP phones, buy ones you like, or use free soft phones! Whatever is best for you. Giving you the flexibility to build the best solution for your unique business.